Eumakh is an online video platform with a user-friendly interface that makes exploring and discovering new Korean music videos easy for K-pop fans that don’t speak or read the language.


AtticTV makes Fan Clubs for Mobile. Our first brand, KPop Stage, focuses on building fan club apps for Korean Pop fans. is your digitized wardrobe. Share your fashion, cosmetics, shoes & gadgets with beauty aficionados around the globe. Explore what your friends are wearing and buying. Check out their closets!


Roam & Wander is a kid’s entertainment studio. The firm publishes iPad and iPhone games for young kids, and app-enabled toys. Check out Sticker Games, the first iPad game that rewards kids for their achievements with real stickers delivered right to their door.


Citiesocial, a Taiwan-based startup, operates, an online curated mall focused on “Discovery Through Food & Design”. In addition to presenting many exclusive gourmet and design goods for purchase, Citiesocial engages users through exclusive content related to gourmet and design culture that collectively enrich users’ everyday life. By creating a more desirable and enriching shopping experience, the company disrupts and challenges the traditional marketplace format of Taiwanese ecommerce.


Driving Curve Inc., a Taiwan-based maker of the iOS APP ”Driving Curve”, uses GPS to capture an user’s speed and fuel efficiency, information that will enable a user to drive more safely and fuel efficiently.
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Codementor is instant 1-on-1 mentor for programming & design.

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4Free WiFi is a digital marketing network covers restaurants/retail stores/salons/clinic, which gathered users through free WiFi services. Users may connect to its 750+ open hotspots and a simple click-through instantly offers personalized and location-based information and goodies about their surroundings. 4Free WiFi strives to provide most useful and beneficial information to its users.





Swivl was founded in 2010 by Brian Lamb and Vladimir Tetelbaum with a vision for creating seamlessly connected video services to end users through unique,mobile enhancing hardware. The swivl turns a mobile device into your own personal cameraman and hands up display.

886 Food

we have set out to use the internet to disrupt the food industry, eliminate the distance between farm and consumers, and create healthier choices. With these objectives in mind, we created 886 Food Inc., an ecommerce platform for premium Taiwanese farm products.


Without complicated news feed, big charts and statistics, we create a simple interface for users by combining streaming market data with virtual trading platform. Puman offers users a real-time web service to track hottest news, share opinions, manage portfolios and study investment opportunities according to all users’ behaviors and wisdom.



Sync your auction products to Facebook Page in 3 quick steps. Pagineer provides completed insights report for your business.