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even if I am, are not true depth of its bottom. ‘dignified said the old drugs.
‘But fortunately, you have are four different fire,Coach Factory Outlet, different fire body care, should be able to stick to the depths of their lives and get their lives jiu blood crystal, moreover,Coach Outlet, where for one thousand color scales, the office is a shrine outside, Colorful snakes swallow days but God screwed species, nine color python swallowing day is enough to rival the ancient lazy days of existence, if it can successfully evolve in jiu lives among its strength will undoubtedly be leaps and bounds. ‘drug old smile, said: ‘If that evolved into a nine-color python swallowing day, that time, changes into a snake body,Coach Outlet, one that is capable of devouring a mountain range, even with the sky, which are able to be swallowed.’
Xiao Yan nodded, colorful python swallowing day this is rare, nine color python swallowing day is extremely rare, even in ancient times, the number of occurrences are few, if not doubt his natural color scales after a successful evolution power.
‘Since jiu jiu their lives are in charge of the offerings python, that for our in-depth, they will naturally stop.’ Xiao Yan muses, one of the three ethnic groups also jiu python offerings Warcraft community, can not be ignored, which must also have a real strong sieve peak sits overwhelmed go, presumably not too easy.
‘Today with your strength, jiu python family is pretty deep very few people can beat you, as to the kind of hiding it deep odd,Coach Outlet Store Online, generally will not easily show up, of course, true to that time, You will be directly tear space Yu Chien,Coach Outlet Online, this time I will keep them together with the Fire Dragon ancestors, if the received call, they rush past together, we ‘Tianfu Alliance’ current strength,Coach Outlet Store, they can not be afraid of what …… ‘laughed the

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in the soul that Yisha space inside is filled with star field of purple flame, sitting cross-legged Xiao Yan, also 7 eyes slowly opened.
dark eyes opened, around the eye, the passing touch of green and purple with! Colored fire Mans,Coach Outlet, looks it very strange.
Xiao Yan opened his eyes,Coach Outlet Store Online, the first time, that is, look to the opposite Zihei small flames, which at the moment that eye pupil, has completely lost the look, become slightly sluggish.
seeing this, Xiao Yan is sigh, this fight,Coach Factory Outlet, this is life and death, there is no third way, he could fashion some Xu Xi’s this sigh,Coach Outlet Online, but if it is three thousand flames Yan won the case, I am afraid that there would be very proud of this body of his ashes, there are other emotions without the slightest. Life and death struggle, this is cruel, evil does not exist in the so-called positive.
stood up, Xiao Yan slowly toward small flames in front of the palm on his forehead and gently placed thereon, an attraction out of the storm surge, which is very deep into a mass of purple flame, slowly And every now and then on. Looking at this group purple flame, Xiao Yan Yi Tan gently,Coach Outlet Store, this is the origin of the fire, his dream of thousand Yan Yan fire, for it, he rushed from afar Noire domain Plains, devoting untold square bitter, and now,Coach Factory Outlet, finally reached wishes. ‘Rest assured, follow me, you will not be unworthy of it in different fire standings that name first.’ ‘Xiao Yan softly to himself, then lips moving, that group would be to purple flames swallowed belly.
origin of the fire into the body of a surge of hot, is quietly spreading out from the body, Xiao Yan is rapidly sitting cross-legged, on the body, green and purple flames flames erupting continuously since the pores while being out.
success has been the origin of the fire three thousand Yan

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soul imprint, in this case, Xiao Yan is quite a loss,Coach Outlet Store, Perhaps because of the endless years, will be the soul indelible imprint, and perhaps other ancient holy order who fight the strong hand crafted puppets for this is not much of interest, that even the soul imprint are contented have left a trace .
But no matter what is the reason, when Xiao Yan soul demon puppet forces invade the body, then. ‘He is to discover that they have established links with these puppets, this process, without the slightest difficulty, or even just a casual antagonistic others to try, but also be able to immediately control.
So,Coach Outlet Online, in the ring after these puppet income Carolina, Xiao Yan’s face, it becomes quite weird,Coach Factory Outlet, eyes glanced who previously beaten vomiting retreat Huiyi old man, my heart to myself if this old guy In fact,Coach Outlet, to know that after so simple outrageous,Coach Outlet Online, will anger directly through a blood erupted way here?
this kid … even really to rein in those puppets. ‘
Xiao Yan heart thrown among strange idea that everyone on the square is somewhat primitive looking at the former, but this thing two or three minutes, then ten cases with a bucket – delicate peak, even together enough and one Two super stars statue contend puppet, even so it falls in the hands of Xiao Yan,Coach Factory Outlet, a time, a lot of people are becoming extremely wonderful face up, envy and jealousy can not hide the color of the eyes, a considerable on the strength of two stars statue puppet, which just put there, attracted enough people are jealous.
these people, especially with Xiao Yan have holidays, such as mine Holiness, His Holiness, who glaciers, both jealous but unwilling, Xiao Yan, the stronger side’s strength, for them, the greater the threat.
look for these guys, Xiao Yan is closed just after a glance back, and then to see

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were between the Lord really does not want to intervene?’ Willow looked ghastly pale eyes that stands in front of a giant golden cloud Yun, Chen Sheng Road.
in the mouth when talking, Liu Cang body grudge is quietly up and running,Coach Outlet, this guy is a look ill intent, had to be careful. Liu Cang
for voice, that road Qi Zhang foot tall golden figure, but it is cold smile,cheap Authentic jordans, did not return to their half of the sentence, is fiercely kick kick in front of the demon king’s corpse flower of evil, horror forces directly is like a latter-like shells, fired fiercely that Liu Chong.
‘killed!’ Xiao Yan
see such a move, pale complexion that willow is thoroughly ghastly down, palms facing forward a catch, and that the evil demon king’s corpse flower is bang bang, burst into a ball group Xue Wu Baoshe open.
‘Today’d like to see in this case, what is your origin, dare I day offerings were contaminated with something!’ Liu Chong
feet Yiduo ground, under ghostly flash stature, went out on the now giant golden head,Coach Outlet Store, suddenly a fist grip,Cheap Jordans, hunting voice shout: ‘Great Ming Dragon Fist’
accompanied Liu Cang Sheng fall, the body vindictive suddenly overwhelming violence Chung out rapidly condense into a huge black dragon, black dragon like a real general, with extremely frightening momentum, and then in the roaring of the band a wave of terror breeze, tearing space,Jordans For Sale, fiercely against the golden giant boom of the past. Liu Chong
For this and other aggressive attack, golden giant, but it is slowly gaining ground, showing a pair of golden eyes indifferent, like gold Birds suddenly clenched fists,jordan shoes for sale, then nothing fancy punch blasted!
punch blasted, are suddenly in front of the space between the crack and open, revealing a dark space Road crack!
shining golden fist, heavy piece of black

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seems that the old man has been out of town hawk mountain, but a little bit strange that this old guy and not the slightest trace of hidden-line behavior, but – is from. eyes and ears # 39; Eastgate out more inside now this black Imperial, must also have a lot of forces already received the message. ‘
Wen Yan, Xiao Yan could not help but slightly wrinkled brow, this rotten old mountain, really want to do? In facing this tiger,cheap jordan shoes, depending on the situation Dandan, acting still so high profile,, even though he was fighting were strong,, that many may be faced with a wave of greed who like to meet up and also say so troublesome ah. ‘Is the bait? Not Mami?’ Xiao Li also frowned.
‘that surveillance of people, many of them strong but even they, and saw the old man’s body that hawk mountain – shadow, are # 39;. will be a kind of feeling of horror, if substitute words,Cheap Jordans Online, Yingshan elderly The total is impossible to find a bucket sets were strong eat? really want this, then he may well ignore all direct leaving two fighting were strong, which Noire domain among many people did not dare to stop. ‘ Soviet Union thousands shook his head. ‘Is he really going to meet a man alone in this dark corner of many covetous domain forces and strong?’ Xiao Yan tight frowning. ‘In this old guy when the car was rampant fierce and brutal temper, it would not rule out the idea.’ For such a random one, said Xiao Yan, the Soviet Union thousands is hesitation.
Wen Yan, Xiao Yan could not help but rolled his eyes,jordan shoes for sale, and if so, then it is a bit too arrogant point of it? With his eyesight naturally should also know that in that auction, you can not just fight him a strong case to that of the body of saliva Bodhi has interest, if that ordinary people,cheap jordans for sale, he also relied on their own strength, then nothing to fear, These

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cast out of the bucket were just able to do a space warp.
‘Oh, Mr. Han Tian misunderstood, I did not reach that level, the power of this space, but also because some chance,cheap jordan shoes, just barely be able to use,Coach Outlet Store, but I have only done some insignificant little wicker Pina lo’ Xiao Yan shook his head and laughed.
heard, everyone on the face of horror just slow down, about twenty imperial struggle, is that they are exposed to the limit, if fighting were the case, I am afraid that the monster who met would say …
‘Xiao Yan little brother actually modest, space is fighting force were strong signs that you struggle with imperial power, is capable of handling, is shocking enough, this time of a test, I’d lose , Oh, really is after the waves pushed before, with your talent and ability, even if it PlainsAlso enough to break a reputation to – ” Hantian Qingtu breath, his eyes suddenly glanced month and Han Han Xue, laughed, ‘two girl’s eyes, really good …’
Zhefan must’ve discourse, so that was two women directly is a little bit similar Qiaolian, instantly becomes red again.
Korean pool also smiled, eyes ruined grain of Xiao Yan swept him, although a general linen clothes, but perhaps just hands with people because of the reason,Cheap Jordans Outlet, the previously flat light looks young, but at the moment is like a blunt-edged sword like no front, filled with a sense of the massive wave of repression is difficult to despise.
stood up, Han Xiao Yan solemnly pool facing a drag boxing,Cheap Jordan Shoes, Chen Sheng said workers ‘Xiao Yan brother,Coach Factory Outlet, Han if I could ride this crisis, your kindness, Han will never forget!’ Behind the Korean pool,Cheap Jordans Outlet, many Han people, but also opt to get up, his face solemn front of Xiao Yan Baoquan salute! Han Han Xue and the side of the moon, as a glance, is to step back and front of Xiao Yan slight bow.

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by Regin Huang


The fall of Angry Birds

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Right now, 18 of the top 25 grossing of all apps are Free To Play Games (72%). Also, it should be noted that 22 of the 25 top grossing apps are in the games category (88%), confirming the fact you need to be into games if you want to have the biggest potential payout. The reason for this

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emotional attachment to games than any other type of app, therefore they are more likely to spend money.

full article is here:

Jason Warren, TMI latest Entrepreneur in residence

May 30, 2014tmiBlog0
  • In total I’ve shipped 25+ major products used by over 100M people
  • I’ve helped with, or led, 20 investment, merger, and acquisition deals in cloud, software, and hardware
  • *Love* building consumer products that people enjoy using
  • Errata
    • Turned down Apple when they recruited me to be the first iPhone product manager, because I figured that the iPhone would be successful with or without me, and because I have zero desire to work on products where my creative input will be micromanaged away by senior execs…including Steve Jobs
    • Equally passionate about art/art history and engineering…in my experience, the best engineers are artists, and great artists deeply understand psychology
    • Started coding games when I was a kid, and got sidetracked into mechanical engineering by the allure of racing/designing cars when I was a teenager. Got back into software when I was in college.
    • Moving to Taipei was my 24th move. I’ve lived in 13 US states and several other countries. Lived in the Bay area during the Web 1.0 golden days. I prefer Seattle to the Bay area :-)
  • My last startup was ~10 years ago, and I’m excited about getting back into the game as a founder
  • *Very excited* about the opportunities to raise the game in kid’s content, particularly in greater China where there’s no established leader in digital kid’s content
  • I’m starting my next company in Taiwan because the best folks I’ve worked with here are just as good as the best folks I’ve worked with in the Bay area, Seattle, Europe, etc.
  • I moved to Taipei with my family in early 2010 after HTC recruited me to start their cloud services business
    • I reported directly to Peter Chou for a little while, for most of my tenure I reported to Fred Liu, the head of all engineering and operations at HTC
    • My title was pretty humble, senior director, but my actual authority and seniority was pretty significant – I was on the Senior Leadership Team, the group of ~25 people (including Cher Wang) that meet every quarter for two days to decide on corporate strategy, product strategy, mergers and acquisitions, set sales and production targets, review latest sales numbers, decide organizational changes, etc.
    • Not sure what information we can publish about the HTC cloud business, HTC has never released numbers about the services business (users, revenues, team size, or expenditures)…
    • I started building the cloud team in Taipei, and this has been the largest part of the cloud division. Through hiring and acquisition
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      I hired and/or acquired small startups to form cloud engineering and marketing teams in Shanghai, Seattle, Paris, and Minsk. One of the reasons I focused on the Taipei team was because I want to help Taiwan by creating a cloud team building large scale global consumer cloud services, to help seed Taiwan with the expertise and experience to compete more effectively in the global market for consumer services.

  • Before HTC
    • I was at Motorola for 5 years, product managing cloud services, a Motorola version of the Android OS, and smartphone hardware.
      • One of my products, the Motorola ZN5 cameraphone, won the Pogie Award (best tech product of the year) from the New York Times in 2008
    • Before Motorola I was at Microsoft, product managing the early versions of the Windows Mobile OS.
      • At Microsoft I went through a 2-year program at the Kellogg School of Business at Northwestern, taking graduate classes in psychology, finance, negotiation, etc…effectively a custom-tailored Microsoft MBA. Of the 36 people from that program, about half are now running their own tech startups.
      • While I was at Microsoft I had had a small role as a trade ambassador to Xinjiang province in China.
    • Before Microsoft I started several mobile software/hardware companies, the most well known one (and it’s not that well known) was Mobius Audio. Mobius created a wireless portable MP3 player the year before Apple announced the original iPod. In between starting these companies I was a product manager at Audi HQ, worked for Terry Mcguire at Polaris Ventures, and got a master’s degree from Dartmouth
    • While running Mobius Audio I was appointed to a political position, member of the planning commission in the state of New Hampshire, which decides on land-use policies like zoning, real estate developments, etc.


February 20, 2014tmiBlog0


聯合技術、資金、資源全方位支援 邀集亞洲新創團隊加入

大賽的策略聯盟來自芯片廠商、網路業、投資界、媒體評論人、知名分析師,涵蓋了電子製造業,投資機構和網路產業三方機構的20多人的導師團,將全程提供全方位的業師指導。HWTrek(所打造的早期軟硬整合創新產品的社群及募資平台,也將會提供參賽得獎團隊拓展海外市場經驗及宣傳資源,並可利用TMI台灣創意工場更推出HAP(Hardware Acceleration Program)硬體加速器計畫,由專業PM團隊協助以軟體開發為主的創業者要跨入軟硬整合領域,獲得硬體開發設計諮詢與生產流程管理的全程服務,降低開發門檻並解決一般群眾募資平台產品交貨延遲或生產管控良率差的問題。


wp-image-2016″ alt=”硬蛋大賽” src=”硬蛋大賽.jpg” width=”590″ height=”185″

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February 13, 2014TMI AuthorBlog0


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by Regin Huang

根據統計,全美共有超過 8000 萬名寵物飼主,在現代人養寵物幾乎跟養小孩一樣細心的情形下,包山包海的網路創業自然也不會少了這塊商機龐大的市場。(當然也不是沒有失敗的例子,2000 年在網路泡沫時快速倒閉的 就是一例,從 IPO 到倒閉只有短短九個月的時間 )。以下是幾個近年成績優異,與寵物有關的網路創業:



螢幕快照 2014-02-05 下午5.52.18

DogVacay 是一個營運模式很類似 Airbnb 的寵物托育服務平台,飼主可依據時間、地點與個人條件 (ex: 能否透過攝影機即時看到寵物、接送服務…等等) 選擇合適的寵物保姆,每次服務的收費由保姆自行決定,而 DogVacay 會向完成工作的保姆收取該次工作酬勞 15% 的費用。目前在網站上有超過一萬名經過 DogVacay 認證的寵物保姆,但服務範圍目前仍只僅限於美國境內。

螢幕快照 2014-02-05 下午6.22.10




如果飼主短時間內無法照顧或陪寵物散步,或許可以試試 Swifto 這個提供飼主尋找帶狗散步人力的平台。Swifto 對於幫忙帶狗散步的 Walker 們有一套篩選與訓練機制,因此確保了每次散步的品質。另外,由於 Walker 們皆被要求要佩戴具 GPS 追蹤功能的智慧型手機,飼主因此能透過網路隨時追蹤寶貝狗兒子的情況。 不過 Swifto 的收費可不便宜,每次散步 (1小時) 至少要花費 $30 美元。



螢幕快照 2014-02-06 上午11.59.50

PetHub 幫助飼主們為寵物加上可辨識的標簽,並建立寵物的資料庫。當寵物走失被找到時,任何人都可以用手機掃描標籤上的 QR Code 尋找寵物的主人,而寵物被找到時,PetHub 會即時通知飼主並給出寵物目前所在的位置。PetHub 的基本服務是免費的 (建立寵物檔案),但若需要 GPS 定位、通知、寵物保險等服務,則要額外付錢,年費約為 $30 美元,



螢幕快照 2014-02-05 下午6.04.34

Barkbox 提供的服務就和著名電商網站 Birchbox 一模一樣 — 唯一的差別是你收到的不是化妝品,而是一盒與寵物相關的用品。訂戶只要每個月至少支付 $19-29 美金不等的金額,並在網站上選擇家中狗狗的體型,每個月就能收到包含一個 4-6 個飼料、玩具、衛生用品等寵物用品的盒子,若你對當中的任何一項產品感到滿意,可以再回到 Barkbox 的商城直接訂購該產品。 Barkbox 曾在 2012 年獲得一筆 170 萬美元的種子輪投資,投資者包含 500 startups 等多家 VC,目前他們每月至少可創造 100 萬美元的營收。


February 5, 2014TMI AuthorBlog0

written by Peter Hsu



1. Uber

想到叫車服務,我們就不得不提到今年最火紅的叫車服務-「Uber」,Uber於2010年成立於舊金山,主打超高級的叫(轎)車服務以及無痛的付費體驗,不僅車子大都是高檔雙 B、Lincoln Town Cars 等等豪華車款而APP設計的相當簡單,只要註冊成為會員並填寫信用卡資料就可以馬上啓用,在矽谷可說時風靡一時,最近Uber也移往台灣,但當然,一流的服務就要收取一流的價格,Uber一上車基本費用就是126元台幣,如果車的時速超過18公里的話,每分鐘收16.5元,而小於18公里的話,每公里收取30元(真是天價),比起台北計程車(啓程1.25公里70元,續程每250公尺5元,低於5公里(大部份是在等紅綠燈)的話每100秒收取5元)大概會貴到兩到三倍呢!不過如果你是初次使用的話,Uber會先送你300元的點數嚐嚐體驗,喜歡超高級服務的旅客不妨試試看囉!


o-UBER-NEW-YORK-DRIVERS-facebook -App介面(取材自appannie)

螢幕快照 2014-02-04 上午11.19.35


2. Easy Taxi


如果你受不了Uber超高價的服務的話,不妨也可以試試這款2011年在巴西推出的App-「 Easy Taxi」,Easy Taxi在巴西擁有三萬名司機,而在台灣則是約八百名左右,不過每位司機都要經過一定的篩選,車子必須是五年內的車款才能成為Easy Taxi的合作司機,跟Uber比較起來,Easy Taxi就是以價格見長,常常會有很多折價服務給乘客,除此之外,Easy Taxi還會保存所有的乘車紀錄,如果我們不小心掉了什麼在車上,也能夠迅速的聯絡司機拿回失物,另外他也提供常用地址的功能,能夠更快速的完成大部份的叫車程序,目前這款App在全球二十多個國家都有服務,就算出了國還是能試試看這款方便的服務喔!



3. Carpo共乘




螢幕快照 2014-02-04 下午2.34.51


螢幕快照 2014-02-04 下午2.35.54


4. 嘀嘀打車




螢幕快照 2014-02-04 下午2.45.40

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螢幕快照 2014-02-04 下午2.43.46


5. 快的打車



螢幕快照 2014-02-04 下午2.50.54




January 4, 2014TMI AuthorBlog0

written by Tim Wang


1. Instagram



還記得今年Instagram活躍用戶已經超越了Facebook,成為2013年最受歡迎的網路社群服務嗎? 1億五千多萬的用戶,可以說是2013年最炙手可熱的社群服務了!而在Vine出現之後,Instagram也踏入了影音的世界,讓使用者能夠隨手錄製15秒影音。和照片一樣,Instagram最大的特色仍然在於它的濾鏡功能以及他的流暢度,讓他們的流量居高不下。

2. Vine







3. Snapchat




4. Mixbit







說到影音,就不得不注意到2013年如火如荼發展的穿戴式產品了!Google glass的發表,讓錄製影片和拍照更容易了!而最近Meta也出了第二代眼鏡,外接了一個口袋型電腦,讓3D顯示和AR技術不再lag,戴上Meta就好像身處科幻世界,能夠隨手控制一切!

6. Redstone Technology

雖然隨著4G的普及,網路的速度比起過去已經改善許多,但是影片對於頻寬的需求隨著影片品質的上升也越來越大。Redstone Technology聲稱在2014年會發布一種新的網路技術,能夠讓網路速度增加100倍!而且Redstone所開發的網路晶片能夠每秒傳輸1GB,這項技術將在2014年的春天發表,雖然目前遭到質疑,但是如果內容屬實,那影片讀取就不再是問題!


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written by Tim Wang




Signature Language Ring是一個幫助聾啞人士的手環,除了手環之外,這款產品還包括了十根手指頭的指環,指環和手環可以偵測使用者的動作,將各種不同的動作翻譯成文字,顯示在手環上的螢幕,方便使用者和一般人溝通。除了官方的手語之外,使用者也可以自己透過手機app設定某些特定的動作,將這些動作翻譯成文字。


Signature Language Ring是從台灣的亞洲大學孕育出來的產品,也在今年奪下2013紅點設計大獎,成為台灣之光。































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Written by Dana Lin


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你可以在這個app上面獲得“回饋點數”然後用這些點數來購買latte store的東西,並不是給你現金喔。這是一個互動性的app,所以你真的必須看完廣告並且回答問題,而不是擺在那邊播一整天就可以的。

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