Hello Young Startups from TMI

Founded in 2012, TMI台灣創意工場 is a Taiwan-based company that looks to make early stage investments and also incubate promising entrepreneurs. We are looking for entrepreneurs who want to tackle a global market. Through our assembled network of seasoned professionals, serial entrepreneurs and institutional investors from across the global, we can allow a start-up to “soft land” in any major market. We are eager to work with entrepreneurs/start-ups looking at the Mobile, Internet, and eCommerce spaces.

Get in touch

We would love to hear from you. If you are looking for investments, interested in our EIR or incubation program or want to learn more about the Taiwan internet/start-up scene, send an email to You can also contact our partners directly.

Entrepreneurs in Residence (EIR)

Our Entrepreneurs in Residence (EIR) support us in the following ways -

  • Introduce and assist in the evaluation of potential investments
  • Provide domain and functional expertise to existing TMI teams
  • Launch a new entrepreneurial venture

We also welcome entrepreneurs from outside of the region who are interested in the Asian Internet/Mobile scene. We encourage you to join us.

More information

Swift Investment Decision

We make investment decisions swiftly, like an Angel investor does, to support a POC (proof of concept) or prototype. You don’t need to register a company to work with us.

    Basic Terms

    • Amount: US$50k to US$300k
    • Class of Shares: TBD
    • Ownership: a fixed percentage

Hardware Acceleration Service

This service is designed to support App+hardware startups in product development. We want to help our partners to move from prototyping to mass-production by launching the “hardware acceleration service” executed by

Service summary
  • Our target: Hardware startups with seed funding
  • Our service: DFM + logistic + outsourcing service, with working capital support
  • Our model: “Zero Surcharge” and an option to invest into next round or profit sharing of shipment/sales
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